7 days a week- 365 days a year people feel the need to park in the bike lane. The bike lane was created for people like me. 10th street East to Sierra Highway, no one respects the bike lane. I am afraid I’ll end up dead one day as hundreds of people park in the bike lane. I’m afraid I’ll get hit by another car, the car parked in the bike lane or by someone whom can’t see me in their blind spot.

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Lancaster has street cleaning signs up so one doesn’t park their car on whatever day they do street cleaning. Why doesn’t Palmdale? I ride my bike everyday for many miles and it’s so dirty on 10th street East. I see the same trash laying there for weeks. Diapers, food items and the alcohol. I usually take my rake and clean it up myself. Why should I have to when the city should be doing their job? Please put up street cleaning signs so people can abide & help our city stay clean.

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West side Palmdale and West side Lancaster do not need to worry about kids normalizing addictive products, why should anyone else in the city? We should all have nice neighborhoods, safe & healthy kids who will grow to be productive adults.

Idea: Fireworks

Brent Fieland over 1 year ago

Stop selling fireworks never recommend living in Palmdale because of it getting worst almost every night never see a sheriff city could make a lot of money in fines and make life better for us on East side