John Mlynar 6 months ago

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Oscar Becaria 5 months ago

comI am opposed to this project because first of all it negatively impacts our schools, Schools here are already underfunded and overcrowded. Also our California flower the Golden Poppy grows profusely in this area, there is a lot of wild life that would be impacted if this project is given the go ahead, there are bob cats, coyotes, ground squirrels, many types of lizards including a legless variety, also many birds and butterflies that migrate through here, there are also raptors like the Red-Tail Hawk and different varieties of owls that live, hunt and breed in this area, many people use this land like a park, residents use it for daily walks and recreation We love the view of the flora and fauna which our view property now provides and was the reason why we bought this view lot and this project would negatively impact our joy of ownership and will decrease the value of all the homes that already exist here, finally we did not receive any information on the initial study of this area, We are adamantly opposed to this project!ment...